About Us

Concrete Roses Life Center

Concrete Roses Life center is a series of education and evidence-based centers for adolescents, individuals, and families to excel in academics and face any struggles to ensure each is emotionally and socially equipped for their lives.

We Believe.

There is a need to boost the number of students who ultimately seek advanced degrees and careers in STEM fields and enlarge the participation of women and minorities in those fields. CRLC STEAM Academy focuses on the flow of students into STEM majors and careers. An essential dimension of this goal is to increase the participation of underrepresented groups in the sciences, particularly African Americans, Hispanics, and low-income students who “disproportionately fall out of the high-achieving group” in K-12 education.



At Concrete Roses Life Center, we believe in sustainable healing and facing life obstacles proactively. We treat children, adults, and families who face self-destruction to self-esteem by treating underlying causes of mood disorders, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, or substance abuse. The life center is designed to address all aspects of life. Through our clinical expertise and holistic care, we empower individuals and restore families. The organization provides the safety, support, and above all, the unconditional care that we all need to heal. 

Innovative Learning Integrated with Therapeutic Services

We think long term.

Each program is individualized.

We are committed to the lifelong success, emotional and social support, and healing from any mental health issues. We identify and heal the core issues that underlie undesired behaviors.

We create individualized educational pathways and therapeutic plans designed by professors and treatment specialists who are the best in their respective fields.


We take a family-systems perspective.

The right environment is key.

Concrete Roses Life Center uses a family-system perspective emphasizing and integrating family involvement. 

At our facilities, we prove a serene, secure, and safe environment in which all individuals can start a path to greatness by having life coping tools to build from all levels of academics and care.