The Impact of Mentoring

Mentoring assists because a child is not alone in dealing with day-to-day hurdles.


Mentoring, at its essence, lets young spirits know that there are individuals who care about them, reassures them they are not alone in facing with day-to-day obstacles, and to understand they are more and not less than.  

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The Mentoring Effect

  • Mentors encourage young people to expand their career interests and promote steps to accomplish their goals.

  • Mentors assist with homework assignments,  advocate for school class attendance, and can support their mentee to set higher educational goals.

  • Mentors model positive relationship skills and improve their mentees by strengthening communication skills.

  • Mentors assist the youth to believe they can produce a future they desire.

 (MENTOR Washington, 2019)
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There are multiple different opportunities to give back through mentoring in the Charlotte Metropolitan Area.  Our programs are continuously in need of supportive, caring individuals to mentor youth in a variety of innovative ways. Whether you are interested in mentoring in your community, mentoring by online, or mentoring in our public schools, there’s an opportunity out here waiting for you.

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