Youth Development 

Concrete Roses Life Center  is dedicated to enhancing the total development of youth and families. Our goal is to utilize a wraparound approach to effect positive change in the lives of youth and families through mentoring, educational programs, counseling and sports activities thus promoting health and well-being.

Why Choose Us?

We are ethical: We maintain high ethical standards in the conduct of business.

We are accountable: We are accountable for the quality of our job performance, the responsible stewardship of the resources entrusted to us, and for exemplifying our core values of respect, justice, and mercy.

We are advocates: We advocate on behalf of the economically poor and support programs, policies, and like-minded groups that create opportunities for them to create positive change in their lives.

We are diverse: We create an environment that supports and encourages diversity.

We are collaborative: We work collaboratively amongst our team of qualified staff, clinicians, and practitioners for the cause to be addressed effectively for long-term goals. 


Programs and Services Offered for Youth......

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