Charlotte's Summer Tech Camp

Game development, coding, robotics, and app designs for kids

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∴ An elite tech experience     ∴In-demand curriculum

∴Rockstar Instructors              ∴Freedom to be Innovative

           ∴Small class sizing for personalized learning

Camper Age Requirements: Uprising 5th and 6th Graders

Time of Day and Weeks:

Full Day Camp Hours: 9 am – 4 pm    

Week 1:June 6-10      

Week 2:June 13-17  

Week 3: June 20-24  

Week 4: June 27-July 1

Week 5: July 11-15       

Week 6: July 18-22

Week 7: July 25-29

Learn from tech-stars!

Our organization recruits top talent that is sought by fortunes 500 companies.
Those same companies hire who we hire.

Rockstar Instructors

When your child attends CRLC-STEAM Academy, they’re in a safe environment, and capable hands. We take the highest strides to assure the following: 

  • Recruitment is conducted from state and private universities
  • Reference checks and meticulous backgrounds
  • Rigorous training
  • All-adult instructors, no high schoolers 
  • First Aid certification and CPR

Your Child's Tuition Includes:

All 2022 Summer Camp Offerings

Fortnite: Creative Power Hour of Code Activities

Course Description

Creating an Obstacle Course in their own Universe by learning the following coding concepts:  Conditional Statements, loops and sequencers, variables, and functions  

Path: Game Dev, Coding

Skill Level: Beginner – Advanced

Coding: Creating Mods with Minecraft

Course Description

Campers probe into the Minecraft source code and explore the concepts of a programming language. They will integrate custom tools, blocks, and mobs into your version of this open-ended game. Programming will be introduced strategically to pave the way for campers’ future in coding.

Path: Game Dev, Coding

Skill Level: Beginner – Advanced

Prerequisite: None

Intro to Robotics Engineering​

Campers will journey across the Engineering Design Process (EDP) through the mechanical build and design of a LEGO EV3 Robot. They will have fun with peers while learning robot movements through basic coding and utilize the robot’s touch sensors and motors. Camper’s will be challenged to code advanced.  movements. New to robotics? No Worries! No previous experience required. 

Path: Robotics, Coding

Skill Level: Beginner – Advanced

Prerequisite: Gmail Account Required

iOS App Development

Swift is a powerful programming language for iOS development. Writing Swift code is interactive and entertaining. It can be a practical educational tool helping students develop  basic Apps, explore the code, and share their creations. Campers will learn to use the Swift 4 by following interactive projects. They will build their Apps by the end of the camp.

Founders of Techno-Owl Academy

Shaukura Brown
Executive Director
Carl Arrington, Ph.D.
Byton Lowen, Ph.D.
Phillip Hall Jr.