Bridging Connections: Mentoring Program

The bottom line is that mentoring works. Bridging Connections Mentoring Program is conducted by the belief that all children were created for a purpose.


Through one-on-one and group mentoring, comprehensive coaching, staff support, and experiential learning-based Peer Groups, we promote our youth mentees to identify and develop their unique skills and abilities.


Starting with children as young as nine and continuing, as needed, until adulthood, the Bridging Connections mentoring program effort enables youth to develop a positive sense of self, acquire teamwork and group social skills, and become productive members of society with a family-centered approach. 




Together, with families, schools, supporters, and a network of extracurricular program partners, CRLC boldly envisions a Charlotte  where every child has the resources, experiences, and mentors they need to pursue lives of endless possibility.

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700+ youth ages 3-18 served in 2019 

350+ parents/guardians served in 2019