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Shaukura Brown

Director, Youth Initiatives



School Performance


of 137 IPE clients maintained or improved their school performance

Family Functioning


of Violence Prevention & Intervention clients strengthened or increased their behavioral health.


of 137 IPE clients maintained or improved their school performance


Youth Initiatives

Helping teenagers build productive, and healthy successful futures

CRLC's Youth Initiatives programs provide teenagers and young adults with the competence and tool needed to build a healthier lifestyle – at home, school, and within their communities. This process will provide youth the skills to develop and maintain healthy relationships with family and friends. Equipping our youth with the primary instruments will help them build brighter futures not only for themselves but for their community as well.

Concrete Roses Life Center: Programs

  • School-specific Mentoring Groups
  • Violence Prevention and Intervention Program
  • Family Counseling
  • College Preparation
  • STEM Fields and Computer Science Programs.
CRLC Youth Initiatives resources work close with Charlotte Mecklenburg School System across Charlotte to ensure that services are provided expertly and professionally. CRLC's supplies a comprehensive service approach that permits our team members to connect clients and their families with other CRLC's services, including mental health counseling, workforce development, vocational training, GED Diploma, transitional housing, and more to effectively build a healthy lasting lifestyle.
Our Testimonies

Youth Development

Carlos, a 12-year-old boy, was referred to the Intervention, Prevention & Education (IPE) program by his school counselor. He lived with his mother and older sister and had no positive support system. He had challenging behavior at home and was underperforming in school. Mario’s counselor noted his poor self-esteem, high levels of frustration, and peer relational problems in his neighborhood and at home. The counselor was considered to be a helpful role model who worked with Mario on independent goals and referred him to a  summer camp to build his confidence by allowing him to feel a sense of achievement. Mario attended summer school and passed his class and obtained a tutor so that he could keep his grades up to stay on the step team. Mario’s self-esteem has significantly improved, along with his schoolwork, and he now has the foundation for building future goals toward a brighter future

Youth Development

This past year, CRLC had the opportunity to bestow support groups for African American male adolescents. The support group predominantly focuses on dealing with hardship, learning to navigate the educational system, and utilizing life coping skills. Two group participants, Jaden and Omar, decided to attend the dance, but neither Jaden nor Omar had anything to wear due to insufficient funds. Concrete Roses Life Center facilitators collected and donated dress shirts and ties. CRLC offers adolescents experiences and opportunities that they may not have had otherwise, whether it’s the opportunity to cultivate friendships or to have an adult male role model whom they can finally count on.

“Because of CRLC, I was able to boost my grades at school, avoid drugs and negative friends. With the help of CRLC, I have gotten my driver’s license.  I am excited to be graduating from high school next month, so I can pursue my education and study to be a math teacher.”

                                       -Andrew Jackson

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