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Mental Health

Culturally conversant mental health services to address a vast range of needs

Sound mental health provides a critical footing from which our neighbors can build their lives around. Mental health and permanence can be yielded as a result of trauma, poverty, chronic stress and other tremendous challenges posed by exposure to violence, cultural adjustment, or homelessness.

CRLC provides culturally conversant, language-specific mental health services for all ages in different settings to guarantee neighbors from all environments have access to the support that is essential for their well-being. Services are provided at CRLC offices and integrated into the home, school and community settings, and include individual, family and group counseling, and mental health treatment and evaluation. These services are tailored to meet the developmental, cultural, language and relational needs of the client and their family system.


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Site-Based Services

Home Visiting/Neighborhood Based Services

Violence Prevention and Intervention Program

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Additional Mental Health Service

“I want to thank you for everything. The kids are finally happy. It was the first night for all of us to sleep. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and we cannot thank you enough for all that you've done for my family.”