What we do

Our wraparound services for the continuum of care

Concrete Roses Life Center is a leader in providing holistic care while transforming lives by focusing on early childhood development, family engagement and stability, through innovative mental  health services.  Understanidng the challenges over the everday life, the organization is solution-focused and committed to walking with familes to remove barriers to sustain ability. Our trauma evidence-based programs are implemeneted with fidelty that ensure positive outcomes for children (0-18) and their families. 

Mental Health Services

Outpatient for children and adults to a psychiatric residential facility.

Family Stability Services

Assisting families by healing, treating, and supporting growth towards a healthy household

Early Childhood

With proactive care for the 0-5 age group, healthy development, and parenting support are addressed at the critical phases of early education years.

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Concrete Roses Life Center focuses on the family needs and health development of the children that we serve. Connect with us to find the latest updates on programs, services, staff, and upcoming opportunity​

Strength Needs Support

With the largest number of African American therapists, we lead in Charlotte to provide proactively, multiculturally competent care to men of color.

Mending the Soul

Our passion is to help you get to the root of your pain, heal from your trauma, or replace negative emotional response patterns with positive ones.

Normalizing Mental Health

You can change the path of your child's life now in a way that can make up for a rough start with emotional flexibility that gives them a life advantage

Family Therapy

Our clinical team improves communication and increases effective behavior choices, ultimately helping the family unit to function better.

CRLC Mission

We are created to serve families through organic healing and promote healthy growth for individuals to be the best versions of themselves

CRLC Vision

To ensure that families are healthy for children to thrive, and communities are safe to nurture growth

CRLC Values

Culturally-Compentent Care, Non-traditional Solutions, Integrity, Innovation, and Excellence.