Residential Services

Teen Male Residential Treatment Center

The rates of tech addiction, depression, substance abuse, and other mental health conditions are ascending amongst the current generation of young men and teens. This symbolizes a growing problem that is often underestimated, significantly among boys. The symptoms of underlying trauma in boys are sometimes dismissed as “just part of growing up.”

Adolescent men lean heavily on role models to aid them in navigating their formative years—both at home and school. Being surrounded by exemplary individuals to look up to and draw inspiration from can make all the difference.

Tailored Treatment

Our organization’s evidence-based residential programs for teens have changed the lives of teenagers across the country. Part of what makes our innovative approach so flourishing is that each teen or young adult obtains personalized treatment based on both their gender and the specific issues they face—whether that’s trauma, gaming or tech addiction, anxiety, substance abuse, or other mental health issues, such as providing residential treatment programs for teenage depression.

Concrete Roses Life Center offers residential programs for teens that are gender-specific. Boys receive tailored treatment developed and delivered by expert clinical and experiential therapists and individualized education. Our excellent academic program keeps kids on track with their studies; it’s also designed to positively impact their confidence, engagement, and sense of accomplishment, supporting their healing and recovery process.

Dedicated Treatment Team

Concrete Roses Life Center’s male residential treatment center is the ultimate safe space for adolescents dealing with personal struggles. Our team comprises experts from diverse backgrounds, and our gender-specific programs aim to foster empathy, trust, and fellowship among residents. Developing personal accountability and self-awareness necessitates friendship and bonding, both of which are crucial components of our programs.

What to Expect at a Male Residential Treatment Center?

Life while in treatment can be complex but also incredibly fulfilling and joyful. We concentrate on orienting our teens that life is full of novelty and hope. On any given day of treatment at Concrete Roses Life Center residential mental health facilities, teen boys participate in opportunities to learn, prosper, and engage with support staff and counterparts.

Horticultural Therapy

Time in nature cultivates new growth, as residents work together to build gardens and tend to them weekly. Our highly trained chefs provide nutritious meals made with seasonal, organic, and local ingredients, including fruit and vegetables grown in our on-site gardens.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy takes place in a music room. Teens are encouraged to bring their instruments and partake in this therapeutic process.

Adventure Therapy

Adventure Therapy is conducted both on and offsite. We rock climb, hike, snowshoe, explore natural caves, surf, and enjoy local ropes courses. Academic classrooms feature the latest technology to sustain dynamic learning. Our instructors work with each student, parents, their home school, and Concrete Roses Life Center  clinicians to create a customized academic plan for individual instruction.


Educational Therapy

Educational therapy is  when an educator works one-on-one with your child, typically outside of school. This can cover a lot. It could mean a reading specialist who works with kids with ADHD. Or a counselor who helps kids learn study and organization skills.

Our academic classrooms feature the latest technology to reinforce dynamic learnings to help with homework and test preparation. The staff work with each student, their parents, home school, and Concrete Roses Life Center clinicians to develop a customized academic plan for unique instruction.

Frequently Asked

Live to Learn, and Learn to Grow

What are the sleeping arrangements like?

We provide comfortable, individual gender-specific rooms with 1 bed, a private bath, and all the amenities necessary to create a serene healing environment. Visit our campuses virtually or in person.

When I come to treatment, what items should I bring?

Bring roughly ten days’ worth of seasonally appropriate clothing, including comfortable clothes and workout clothes. We have laundry facilities in each of our houses, so you’ll be able to wash your clothes while you are here.

How often will I receive individual therapy?

As frequent as the treatment team deams is necessary—which could be once a day or a few times a week.

How will being engaged in treatment impact school attendance/school work?

While you are at Concrete Roses Life Center, our credentialed staff will confidentially work with your instructors at your residence to develop an Individualized Education Plan to meet your precise academic necessities. Through the collaborative measures of our team approach, you can stay current with your home school curriculum and excel academically.

Will I be asked to do excessive chores while in the program?

No. Your household will work together as a team, and daily chores will be split up among all residents.