The organization integrates education and therapeutic services as a shared commitment to providing an innovative path for development by strengthening families and communities and empowering individuals to live independently, self-sufficiently, and emotionally equipped to address different aspects of life. 


Individual Tutoring

Individual Instruction

Academic Planning

Individualized pacing with specialized tutors allows our team to provide extensive support. Therefore, this helps students prepare for AP, SAT, or ACT exams.


Our staff creates tailored instruction for each student, informed by neuro-psychoeducational test results, transcripts, family/parent input, and input from the academy..

Each student receives an Individualized Academic Plan (IAP) in age-appropriate state standards. In addition, the (IAP) incorporates academic assessment, neuro-psychoeducational testing, parental input, and personal needs.

Educational Testing

Parent/Teacher Meetings

We can arrange for neuro-psychoeducational testing on academic achievement, cognitive capabilities, and social/emotional development.

Concrete Roses Life Center  instructors communicate weekly with families. Hence, we provide updates on academic progress. Therefore, this ensures that each teen stays on track for success.


Individual Therapy

Attachment-Based Family Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

Each student attends weekly sessions with expert clinicians. In addition, psychiatrists are part of the personal Treatment Team, if applicable.

We use this evidence-based approach to alleviate distress from PTSD or traumatic memories. Hence, this adapts the way the brain processes information..

We use Attachment-Based Family Therapy to strengthen the emotionally protective, secure-based, parent-student relationship while promoting adolescent autonomy.

Group Therapy


Motivational Interviewing

Daily group therapy sessions allow students or clients to build healthy relationships, support one another, and discuss the healing or empowering  process together.o

Our approach to nutrition focuses on healthy choices and eating habits. Furthermore, as part of our unique teen rehab approach, nutritionists and culinary staff educate clients about proper nutrition. In addition, the team creates healthy meal plans with the students or client.

Motivational Interviewing helps clients and students find the internal motivation they need to make lifestyle and behavior changes to address mental and physical health challenges.